Notes from North Carolina

While waiting at the World War II Memorial for the North Carolina flight to come in this last Saturday, I had the good fortune to begin chatting with Linda Collins who had come from North Carolina to surprise her Uncle Carl. There is a photograph of them below with an excerpt from her letter to friends:

“We revealed ourselves one
at a time when Uncle Carl disembarked from the bus.  I think he was taken
by surprise and alluded to the trip being a really good one, especially the
“dessert” which was finding us there.  I’m attaching one photo…  
 All of us have
more photos to share, too

World War II MemorialFor those of you who do not recognize the lady in red, she is Elizabeth Dole,
wife of Bob Dole.  She has an illustrious past and is originally from NC and a past senator of the
state.  She was there to greet the Veterans, welcoming each one and
staying for lots of photographs.

World War II Memorial
 Honor Flights are featured in the revised Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.


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