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DC PHOTO BOOK: Third Edition on the High Seas
DC PHOTO BOOK:  Third Edition on the High Seas

The Disabled American Veterans Memorial
The new Smithsonian African American Museum-Eighteen more pages on the WWII Memorial
Ten Pages on the Korean Memorail


In case you weren’t at the Summit, I have posted my latest edition of HERDING CATS Vers. 3.0 on my website. If you are leading a group to the Memorial this year, I think it’s a valuable guide. I have provided a number of examples for reference. The Honor Flight Network Summit was spectacular with over three hundred of my favorite

A FIRST LOOK..... WHERE DC Guestbook

WHERE MAGAZINE produces the annual “Where Guestbook” which is distributed throughout DC hotels, businesses and destinations. I am delighted to have the opening ten pages in the book and the final page. Editor Jean Lawlor Cohen and Art Director Teri Samuels are responsible for the selection and design of the article. Jean and I have discussed this for several years and so I am extremely happy that it came to fruition in such a beautiful piece.


As we coast to the end of the Honor Flight Flying Season, I’ve already talked to several people who have made reservations for the Summit. Obviously, we can’t get enough Honor Flight! I photographed over one hundred Honor Flight hubs at the Memorial this year.

A Memorial Comes to Life
A Memorial Comes to Life

We took down the show at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial yesterday and as we strolled out, I looked back and realized what an amazing opportunity it had been to show my work in such a gorgeous well-lit space in the middle of ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY.

Honor Flight Co-Founders win “Caring Award”
Honor Flight Co-Founders win "Caring Award"

Once again our co-founders Earl Morse and Jeff Miller are receiving much deserved recognition. Everyone knows the amount of time and effort they have spent on Honor Flight and I have had the privilege to be a spectator. This year, the Honor Flight Network will have flown over 150,000

WWII Memorial: Fall Flying Season
WWII Memorial:  Fall Flying Season

BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!”The Fall Flying Season is on and Honor Flight Hubs are arriving almost daily. There are over 136 hubs spread across 42 states. They all fly several times a year. I try to stop by as often as possible as it remains an exciting and ultimately life-changing experience.

Dole Defines Determination
Dole Defines Determination

Senator Dole has been the center focus in national media with his five laps of ninety counties in Kansas and his return yesterday to the Capitol to lobby for the treaty called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities.

July 4th Independence Day
July 4th Independence Day

A rare view of the Independence Day fireworks from the roof of the Lincoln Memoiral. The image is featured in DC PHOTO BOOK:  An Insider’s View.  The National Mall is an amazing place and I hope you will take a few moments to visit the Women’s Memorial where my images from WWII Memorial:  Jewel of the Mall are featured.  For […]

Tenth Anniversary of WWII Memorial!
Tenth Anniversary of WWII Memorial!

On May 24th the WWII Memorial will celebrate it’s tenth anniversary with a ceremony. Hosted by the Friends of the WWII Memorial. Tickets may still be available and you can get more information on the Friends Website. It should be a grand event (rain or shine).

Washington Monument Opens!
Washington Monument Opens!

Thanks to the efforts of the National Park Service and the Trust for the Mall, the Washington Monument has been restored and today reopens to the public. which started lining up at midnight. It was a nice night to spend under the stars! The constant decay, redesign and restoration of our National Mall keeps me busy.

DC PHOTO BOOK: Tidal Basin Blossoms
DC PHOTO BOOK:  Tidal Basin Blossoms

The Infrared camera is an interesting little device. I don’t know if I will use it frequently but it’s nice to have some variations on a theme. I believe peak bloom will be Saturday and Sunday around the Tidal Basin while some areas like Arlington Cemetery have already begun You can see more of these images at the PHOTO LIBRARY.

Chicago Honor Flight: Precision Drill
Chicago Honor Flight:  Precision Drill

Chicago Honor Flight arrived today with 93 veterans. As many of the guardians are from our elite corp of DC Volunteers, Chicago doesn’t need to fly out as many guardians. Mary Pettinato has a team of volunteers who are consistent and know the drill. Chicago’s local coordinators are Renda Overbo and Deb Stevens who make all the DC arrangements and coordinate all the volunteers.

DC PhOTO BOOK: Cherry Blossoms Bloom!
DC PhOTO BOOK:  Cherry Blossoms Bloom!

After much waiting and testing and waiting, Spring has arrived in Washington and the first real bloom began to show today. I believe peak will be Saturday and Sunday around the Tidal Basin while some areas like Arlington Cemetery have already begun and it’s time to get over there and make some pictures. You can see more of these images at the PHOTO LIBRARY.


Spring is fast approaching but not even spies know when the Cherry Blossoms will appear. They are however in my DC PHOTO BOOK and I will be signing copies at the International Spy Museum on March 22nd and 23rd in anticipation of this annual rite of Spring. Posters on the front of the Museum will be advertising the event and I am delighted to be represented by this world class facility.

Honor Flight Summit!
Honor Flight Summit!

The Honor Flight Summit was well-attended with a record 215 hub directors, volunteers and speakers. It was quite an event kicked off with a Friday reception which included everything from swing dancers to information stations where Friends of the WWII Memorial, Women in Military Service to America and vendors

WWII Memorial Exhibit at WIMSA
WWII Memorial Exhibit at WIMSA

WIMSA (WOMEN IN MILITARY SERVICE TO AMERICA) is probably the best-kept secret in Washington, DC. It is is one of the more significant yet invisible architectural triumphs in DC. It is so in perfectly attuned to the cemetery’s overall facade that it goes unnoticed. The interior of the Memorial has sweeping forty foot ceilings half of which are skylights which blow vast amounts of light into the interior, so much so that I am constantly surprised that the prints show no sign of fading

Honor Flight Book Ordering
Honor Flight Book Ordering

I will not be reprinting books this year and I am working out an arrangement with Amazon to fulfill all orders come 2015 They are far more efficient and are already taking care of all single book purchases. They may not be delivering your books by drone but they have made self-publishing practical. …which brings me to….

Infrared Photography II: DC PHOTO BOOK
Infrared Photography II:  DC PHOTO BOOK

White balance seems to be the key to infrared imaging. It’s been bitterly cold in Washington, DC and I am still not quite sure what the infrared sensor is recording and it seems that my histograms are always relatively substantial. I have been using a combination of the Lens baby which requires guessing at the exposures,

Infrared Photography: DC PHOTO BOOK
Infrared Photography:  DC PHOTO BOOK

As an early adopter of digital imaging, I have had the opportunity to explore and write about the transition from film to digital. It’s been an impressive technological march.  In 2000, I wrote and illustrated a story for Lexar Media on the possibilities of simulating the look of Infrared film images using digital cameras. That […]


The C&O Canal at 30th Street. The Canal was a project dreamed up by George Washington and he saw it as the Nation’s Gateway to the West. It stretches up to Cumberland, Maryland and I have done the trip by bicycle (The Washington Post) and by car (National Geographic Traveler). Ironically, by time the Canal was finished, the majority of the cargo carried was coal for the train which ran parallel to it and eventually put it out of business.

WWII Memorial in the “Snow”
WWII Memorial in the "Snow"

This is the first time I have been able to get down to the Memorial to catch the flakes falling and the fountains running at the same time. One of these days, the “Wall of Stars ” will be completed and the lights on. We’re making progress. It was an exceptionally quiet time and there were only a few people at the Memorial all taking pictures and all very cleverly staying out of each’s others pictures. Quite a nice experience.

TIDEWATER: Fall Sailing on the Chesapeake
TIDEWATER:  Fall Sailing on the Chesapeake

It’s nearing the end of the boating season (at least for us!). We started the day off with rain and decided to simply stop by the Marina for lunch and take a stroll but all of sudden, serendipity. The weather went from fog, to crystal clear and back to cloudy in three blissful hours of sailing with a steady ten to fifteen knot wind.

WWII Memorial: Veterans Day 2013
WWII Memorial:  Veterans Day 2013

The WWII Memorial continues to be a source of interesting photography moments and I hope I am refining my skills as I plunge on with the project of promoting my books.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy conversing with the many people who come to the WWII Memorial.  This has been a particularly […]