Signs of Spring!!! Columbus, North Carolina and Louisiana Honor Flights

Honor Flight, World War II Memorial
After a cold Winter it was a wonderful relief to grab a cab, navigate the Cherry Blossom Parade and crowds on a stunningly beautiful day. As I wandered onto the Memorial Grounds,  my first site was George Kerestes fresh from Florida tanned and greeting veterans.  Dan Arant and a few others chatted a while as the buses made their way around the traffic.  Dan Arant has access to a Defense Library of 450,000 images and pieces of artwork form WWII and is working on couple of book projects.  He had a war bond signed by two of the characters in “The Pacific.”   

Soon Bobbi and Bill Richards of Columbus were the first to arrive and we had some very interesting times together.  There is something about the Honor Flight Experience that is simply refreshing and cozy.  At one point, Bobbi got together with a veteran who seemed a bit lost and she gave him a bit of her time which I am quite sure made his day. Bobbi and Bill do small flights but twice a month and have become “family”.  The photos from the day are at the PHOTO SITE and are available for download for “personal use only”.  This means take the jpg and save it for your family archives and make a print or two.  The images are not available for any other use without written consent of

Honor Flight, World War II MemorialI will be getting to North Carolina and Mrs. Dole later in the day but wanted to get the photo link up.

Honor Flights are featured in the revised Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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