Northern Valley Honor Flight Visits World War II Memorial

Northern Valley Honor Flight, World War II Memorial

North Dakota thundered into the World War II Memorial today lead by Tim Koski and supported by a group of guardians and supporters from past flights. North Dakota has been so successful in Fargo (due in large part to Lance Akers and Jennine Albrecht’s fund raising efforts) that they have been able to cover the rest of the state. Senators Dorgan and Dole were on hand to greet the veterans and to help get the largest group shot in Honor Flight history. Both had a few inspiring and thankful words for the veterans and guardians. This isn’t a political blog but if I had a Senator and they showed up for my community, HE OR SHE WOULD GET MY VOTE…!!! Senator Dorgan was there last year and he spoke last night at the Northern Valley Banquet so in the Grand American tradition, “vote early and vote often!”  While everyone was gathered, Tim Koski lead a small ceremony and taps were played. 

The group was enormous and bagpiper, Jeff Burton played Pied Piper to get all the veterans from the South Entrance over to the 17th Street entrance for a picture. Jeff and I were discussing the parking (or lack of) and he told me that he parks over by the Dept of Agriculture so he has time to warm up on his walk over to the Memorial. Must be quite a sight as he walks over playing the pipes. Karen Engalter, Senator Dorgan’s aide was on hand as well. We managed to get all the vets lined up for a photo with both Senators and then all the guardians! The weather was beautiful and there was a banquet tonight, which they held last year but no one can remember…hmmm…what happened?  I am always amazed by the great love Americans have for each other and the efforts everyone puts into honoring our veterans.  They are a great group and I leave every day inspired  The Photos are available at the WWII Memorial Photo Site.

Honor Flight is featured in the new Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.


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