Whole lot of shaking going on….

Walking across the WWII Memorial Plaza with Bob Dole takes a long time… as much as four hours and he’s impervious to the sun. In today’s pictures, you’ll find we encountered everything and everybody: a group of motorcycle police, an “inventor”, then a “submariner” and a red-haired family and then a group of Navy guys and some young girls who were touring DC with their teacher. We also met a group of Boston vets in uniform who when asked how they got here, said in typical wry Boston fashion “by bus.” We ran into Congressman Mica and his wife Pat who had brought a group from Florida, then Senator Jessions from Alabama and then there were our northern neighbors from Albany.
World War II MemorialWWII MemorialWorld War II Memorial
WWII MemorialWWII MemorialWWII Memorial

There were many fathers and sons, sisters and buddies. It took four hours to walk fromĀ one side of the Memorial to the other and I think most of America was represented in some way. Everyone was polite, enthusiastic and proud of the Memorial and their accomplishments both as veterans and citizens. The money raised for this Memorial was from private donations and it seems appropriately all of ours. Seth and Marian are becoming expert photographers. I have no idea why their parents sent them to law school when their natural path was photography. Seth had as many as eight cameras today and has perfected getting everyone’s attention–no small task. They were great companions in an interesting stroll.
Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial is a 120 page full color photographic book on the WWII Memorial.

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