May 30 2009: Long Island; North Carolina; Dayton and Canton, Ohio

As there were ceremonies later today at the Lincoln celebrating it’s restoration, most of the Veterans Groups made their trips to the Lincoln, Vietnam and Korean Memorials to avoid the crowds. Jeff Miller and I started off at National Airport where US Airways honored the planes with music and festivities as well as the ceremonial hosing down of the plane which I missed because the other photo opps were too good to be true.  From there, we headed off to the WWII Memorial where we were joined by Tam, his lovely wife who supports him in this wacky service that we are all engaged in.  The pictures for the day are at the photo site


As I was parking my motorcycle, I noticed a troop of Civil War Reenators forming up their ranks and decided to “follow the leader” and we ended up at the WWII Memorial where they made quite a flurry as they marched by.

Reenactors, WWII Memorial

Mr. and Mrs. Dole joined Dayton and Canton, Ohio, the Triangle Group from Southern Virginia who were accompanied by Al Bailey and North Carolina, Mrs. Dole’s home state.  Jam packed might describe the scene and the Ground Crew helped take picture as well as escorting vets and passing out lunches.  Their all volunteer efforts are admirable and esteemable.  George Kerestes, Dan Arant and a host of new Park Service Volunteers were out on the site.  Senator and Mrs. Dole are accompanying President Obama this week to the Normandy Beach ceremonies on June 6th.  There are seventy plus WWII veterans going along and it should be a memorable occasion.

WWII Memorial

The pictures are loading and it’s time to put on my Tuxedo (no…you’ll never see that picture!!!) because we are off to the annual White House News Photographers Association dinner.  It’s always a pleasure to gather together with my colleagues to celebrate the year in photography.  Last year, the WHNPA featured Honor Flight and my WWII Memorial Book was on every table….a notable evening!  This year the WHNPA Awards book features the work of Chuck Kennedy, now Asst. Director of photography at the White House and an old friend.

Honor Flight is featured in Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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