Honor Flight Bluegrass

World War II Memorial, Honor Flight Bluegrass Kentucky’s Bluegrass group lead by Brian Duffy arrived in a light drizzle at the World War II Memorial. After a short attempt to organize the troops for a group photo, we went with some great spontaneous photographs of the veterans and Senator and Mrs. Dole.  I am always inspired by the Honor Flight volunteers, the veterans, the volunteers, the Doles, Marion Watkins, Mike Marshall and Gia (and Leader the pooch),  the ground crew, rangers and personnel who are part of these Honor Flights. Despite economic hard times, busy schedules, etc, everyone is basking in the spirit of volunteerism. They say when you are doing for others, you don’t worry about yourself and I think this is what makes these gatherings so special.  Thank you all.  it’s very inspiring and it’s great that the Fall Season is with us. 

Honor Flight is featured in the revised Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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