HBO coordinates with Honor Flight to kick off the Season

Hello Dedicated Honor Flight Ground Crew and NEW Volunteers!

Honor Flight is starting the season off with a tremendous event. 400 WWII veterans from Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, New York, and Orlando are being flown to DC to view a screening of HBO “The Pacific” and to see the memorial built in their honor. We have the privilege of welcoming them as they arrive at Reagan National on March 10th. Arrival times on the 10th are as follows:


All flights will be coming in via American Airlines. We need another “all hands on deck” for each arrival – your presence to greet, shake hands, and give hugs is important! For security purposes American is requesting your full name and date of birth for gate passes to greet each flight at the arrival gate – please respond to me with that information.  Since these are charter flights please plan to pick up your gate pass at the American Airlines ticket counter 45mins prior to each arrival.

Active Duty Military:  We are requesting that you be in uniform of your choice.  The veterans™ eyes absolutely light up when they see active duty there to greet them.  We are also requesting that you line up in the jet way as the first group of greeters – they are always so excited and honored to see you so we want you to be front and center.

If you have children please encourage them to come, bring homemade signs.  This is a part of history they will be experiencing!

I am so excited that the Honor Flight season has started up again and I am so looking forward to seeing everyone.  This is going to be a huge event with tons of press, it is so important to have good turnout to support the men and women of the Greatest Generation!


Alaina Carter (Honor Flight Ground Crew Leader at Reagan National)
****If you are going to be in attendance, please email Richard Murphy

Pictures from the event are featured in the revised Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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