Emerald Coast Honor Flight

Emerald Coast Honor Flight was first on the scene yesterday and it seemed there were as many guardians and staff as Veterans. Congressman Jeff Miller of Florida was on hand to greet the Veterans. A particularly moving wreath ceremony was held centered on the reflecting pool with the Lincoln in the background. There were 130 veterans lead by Sheila Bowman of Congressman Miller’s office. Congressman Miller and Senator Dole stayed with the Veterans for a couple of hours and were later joined by Congressman Jim Moran of Kansas. Robyn Brooks of the NorthWest Daily News wrote a four page article with video available here. This coming Saturday there will be more than 1000 Veterans on the World War II Memorial. It should be quite an event!!! Photos Available

World War II MemorialWorld War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

Honor Flight is featured in Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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