Columbus Flight Finds Sponsorship

World War II Memorial
Ms. Mary Marta and her dad Frank Perone pose with Senator Dole at the World War II Memorial.  Mary was so moved by Honor Flight that she sponsored not only this whole flight but the next flight in two weeks.  Generosity like this has enabled Bobbie and Bill Richards to schedule three more flights this year our of Columbus.  It started off looking like a “slow” morning and the ground crew was anticipating a short day.  

Wrong again!!!  Senator Dole was in a “shaking good mood” and if there was a person on the Mall who’s hand he didn’t shake, I didn’t see them.   The weather was unusually cool and delightful and Bill’s flag ceremony went off very well. Susan Barr who founded the Columbus group was along for the ride and it was nice to see her help with the organization.  We were able to get a nice group shot of both guardisns and veterans with Senator Dole.

Honor Flight is featured in Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

World War II Memorial

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