Central Iowa at WWII Memorial

As three hunderd and fifty citizens cheered and a band played, 404 Iowans took to the air this morning after a night of celebrations and banquets. When I arrived at the WWII Memorial, forty or so Iowans who had flown out on commercial airplanes were already there and we waited together Fortunately, we had a ten degree break from yesterday’s 99 degree weather and the breeze was pleasant.

Honor Flight had made arrangements for cheap airfare so they were able to accompany their loved ones on the trip.  They arrived about 11:30 in eleven buses and any fantasy I had of a group picture went out the door as they spilled out across the Memorial.  Senator Robert Dole arrived soon after followed by Senator Elizabeth Dole and surprisingly, Senator Dole actually did fifteen minutes and we got him out of the heat.  I’ll bet you he greeted easily 100 plus veterans while Mrs. Dole charmed the crowd.  The pictures are available for personal use and can be downloaded at the WWII Memorial site.  George Kerestes, National Park Service volunteer, sent me the first five images. Dale Johnson in the wheelchair is 100 years old and the oldest veteran George has had the honor to welcome to the Memorial.

Honor Flight is featured in Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial


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