WWII MEMORIAL: Veterans turned away?


This picture was taken at 3PM on Monday September 30th, 2013.   Perhaps our elected officials can get off their asses and act as volunteers for WWII Veterans visiting the Memorial. More than 950 Veterans are scheduled to see the Memorial this week with Honor Flight.

Lori Turner’s Mississippi Honor Flight Group will be the first to face the barricades.  As she wrote this morning:

“We fly in tomorrow but because of the furlough we have been told the World War II Memorial will be barricaded.  We cannot stop our flight plans and we are the only Honor Flight coming into DC tomorrow.

This is so unfair for all the hard work and money we have raised for this project.  Wednesday there are five Honor Flights coming into DC also.

We would like to see if you can come and take pictures because we intend to stop by the Memorial and let the veterans look over the barricades.  We intend to take pictures and forward them to our Congress and let them see what their furlough has done. (should there be a furlough)  This is so unfair.”

The studio joke is that the only way you can see Washington “not under construction” is to buy the DC PHOTO BOOK.  Now the only way you can see DC is online! I’ll be there in the morning to see if Congress has the nerve to turn our WWII Veterans away from a Memorial which they waited so long to see.

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