Jewel of the Mall CoverI have just ordered another 10000 copies of WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall and these will arrive in late March.  I am going to start using a warehouse fulfillment company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania but I remain the contact for books at mailto:srb@srbphoto.com). The UPS charges will be the same and the same terms ($10.00 per book/cases of forty books) are in place.  If you order more than 400, I discount the price to $9.00 per book. The only information I need for your book order is the number of books and your address. I will send you a bill and the books normally arrive within five days.   I will continue to document as many flights as I can but suggest you begin to think about putting one person in charge of photography.  

The WWII Memorial Blog (
http://wwiimemorial.typepad.com) and Photo sites (http://srbphoto.zenfolio.com) are growing and I suspect that the photographs will illustrate and capture for history what I feel is an amazing social phenomena—-all of you who are taking your parents and loved ones to the Memorial.  I think everyone will agree that giving the books out to the vets when they arrive home is preferred.  A couple of years ago, my aim was to photograph every hub but it™s become impossible as Honor Flight has grown to as many as five and six days a week.  There are currently over 13000 pictures of veterans at the WWII Memorial on that site and they are available for downloading œfor personal use and to use for advertising and public relations for your Honor Flight/Air Hub. I talked about this at the Summit and if you need any more information, you can see my notes (and pictures of the Summit) at:
***Please let me know your intentions for the photograph before you use it. You can do this by emailing me with the URL of the photo so I can review it.  

To aid you with your photography, I am making my online syllabi available to Honor Flight hubs and participants.  You will need the user id  and the password  to access  parts of the site.  I have found that with a few simple tricks, you can bring out the photograph that you saw when you took it!!!  Remember, read the manual and load the software that the manufacturers provide you onto your computer.  The online syllabi can be found at


I have made an agreement with Zenfolio to discount storage space for your group photographs. It has unlimited storage space and I currently store 12000 large photographs for $100.00 per year. They have agreed to discount the Premium Hosting package using the promo code   Honor Flight Chicago is using Zenfolio and is very satisfied.  If you have any photo sharing tips, please feel free to send them to me and I will post them on the blog.  Just enter the code
FOLLOW20 during sign up to receive the discount. This will bring the Unlimited subscription from $50 to $40.  

On March 11th, HBO, American Airlines and Honor Flight completed a flight of 250 Pacific veterans to the WWII Memorial and Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Senator Elizabeth Dole, and other notables were in attendance.  I spent a couple of days on assignment for HBO and on the day of the event had two other photographers working to achieve a grand total of 2500 images online.  It was a great day for photography and increases the available imagery for Honor Flight advertising and public relations. You can see the images at
If you need them for your advertising and public relations usages as Honor Flights, please send me an email.

The February Summit was perfect.  My new book, DC PHOTO BOOK has arrived!!!
Smithsonian Bookstores has already ordered 1500 and things are looking good for the new book.  It is 120 pages and bound similarly to the WWII Memorial book.  For durability, the bindings are both “perfect” and “sewn”.    The color reproduction is absolutely gorgeous and I should be getting the first few copies within the week.  I have two signings scheduled: one at the Air & Space Museum and the other at the Natural History Museum. 


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