…they will never forget the way you made them feel.

From Judy Lemmons,  Dir, Public Relations/Protocol
Honor Flight Network


to all the amazing, talented, selfless and dedicated volunteers who have time and again supported over 278 flights during 2009 with 17,832 vets and 8,704 guardians for a total of 35,996 veterans who have been blessed to visit their memorial over the past four years!  I’m certain we have exceeded 36,000 as we know there were some who flew under the radar, just the same, many thousands of veterans have visited their memorial.

You have each been a part of that history.  
The hallowed grounds of the “œJewel of the Mall“ as so eloquently named by Stephen Brown, will forever hold the footprints of a generation that otherwise would have never walked it.  May 2010 will be the 5th anniversary of Honor Flight…we’ve come a long way baby!

Beginning 1 April 2009, we ramped up our energy, our desire, our support and our urgency to do more than we have in the past, during what has been touted as the most depressed economy in recent history.  

To each and everyone of you who answered phones, donated money, tracked applications, made name tags, greeted vets at the airports, provided water and coolers, hugs and photographs, gave more than just your time, but your love as well, you are all to be commended as the HERO behind the HERO the unsung hero in many cases and many times, but nonetheless, the HERO’™s HERO.

We have all been honored to walk in the shadows and on the shoulders of giants.  They have time and again inspired us to want to do more, to continue to charge, to give them a final salute in the closing chapters of their lives.

You have been the wind beneath the Honor Flight wings and you can sleep sound over the off season as I leave you with my forever thought on your service¦

 They may not remember what you said.  They may not remember what you did, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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