Infrared Photography II: DC PHOTO BOOK


White balance seems to be the key to infrared photography.  It’s been bitterly cold in Washington, DC and I am still not quite sure what the infrared sensor is recording and it seems that my histograms are always relatively substantial.  I have been using a combination of the Lens baby which requires guessing at the exposures, a 17-50mm lens  and much photoshop to achieve satisfying results. has published detailed videos and instructions on their website. and the videos are excellent.

The difference between these two photographs is in the “white balance”.  I took the top photo before and the bottom after I had adjusted the white balance.  Consequently, I was able to get the rich sky without the yellow cast in the lower frame .  White Balance seems to be the key to successful and consistent images with the infrared camera.  My next photo sally will be with both lenses and attempting to resetting the white balance with each photograph. I may even use a tripod! I believe that will make the results more consistent.   As colorful as it’s been in this frigid weather, I am looking forward to working in the Spring and Summer when I think this process will shine.

I have  a running gallery of images at the IMAGE LIBRARY which make good reference material.  Once you have abandoned all notions at accurate color, IR photography is quite liberating.


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