National Reflecting Pool…?

The National Mall’s fabulous reflecting pool is temporarily “out of order”.  After an extensive 34 million dollar renovation, the District and it’s guests were only stunned by its beauty temporarily. Within a few days of the opening, “algae and scum” (see photo below) were reported to be making serious headway in the reflecting pool environment.  The Post reported it will be a bit over 100,000.00 to drain and fill the reflecting pool.

Ever filled with foreboding that a photo will disappear, I stopped by the Lincoln Memorial on Labor Day (opening day) and am absolutely delighted that I did.  For once, my ever-present paranoia was justified!  Soon the scaffolding will go up on the Washington Memorial and the Monument will be draped for another three years.  We will miss you George!  However, the scaffolding is always a good conversation piece and long-time residents and local wags DC  have always had a laugh with the Memorial’s various stages of dress and undress.  The on-going renovation of DC is always good for sales of the DC PHOTO BOOK.

Reflecting Pool

National Mall Reflecting Pool, Washington, DCNational Mall Reflecting Pool in Washington DC

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