Eight Honor Flights at WWII Memorial

Irwin Kuhns, a veteran of the Pacific fought at Iwo Jima and brought a 48 star flag with him.  Susan Barr wrote me that her dad and Irwin were aboard LST’s (Landing Ships with Tanks) or “long slow targets” as they were known.    Eight Honor Flight Hubs gathered at the WWII Memorial on October 21, 2012.  The flying season is drawing to a close and it was a beautiful Fall afternoon at the WWII Memorial.  The “usual suspects” were there and they included Bobbi and Bill Richards, Brig General Pat Foote, Senators Robert and Elizabeth Dole, George Kerestes, Susan Barr, John Liszewski and family, Jeff Miller and Earl Morse and Rolly Kidder, James Percoco of Friends of the WWII Memorial, George Kerestes, Rob Callahan of Honor Tour, Nora Cole and her Girl Scouts and several thousand other people. These images are downloadable for personal use. The normal copyright restrictions apply…no usage “other than personal” w/o permission. 202-667-1965 or email at srb@srbphoto.com

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