Mike Kilmer’s Letter to the Casper Star Tribune

 World War II Memorial, Honor Flight
Dear Editor:  

    Fred Klein, Jack Kelly and Pamela Atkins.wrote 3 letters in CST concerning the Honor Flight of Wyoming vets to WW!! Memorial in Washington, DC.  I just wanted to add what little I can in expressing my heartfelt  thanks to everyone who helped organize and finance this extraordinarily  inspirational trip.  There was a Guardian Angel  for every three vets, ( who paid their own way–$800). .  My personal Guardian was Rosie Satterfield.  I always knew I had a Guardian Angel, but I never thought I would meet her in person.  She really took care of us.  Other Angels took care of the vets including  several of those in  wheel chairs.  What a fantastic job they all did.  

    At 92, I still wasn’t the oldest, but I was in the military when I was 25, served 2 years in the South Pacific.

    The Memorial is a most beautiful sight.  Every place we were treated like royalty!.

    What a send off Casper gave us.  We even got mail on the plane.  I don’t know how they arranged that. I even got a great letter from my daughter, Judith.

    The reception we got at the airport  when we came back was the most amazing part of the whole trip–in the two day journey. I swear half of Natrona County was out  to welcome us home from the 4 hour flight. There was a line-up of little boys and girls handing us little flags.  One little boy stepped forward and handed me a sack of goodies.  Besides the candy, there was a letter from a 4th grader, Nick Cottonwood, thanking me for my service.  The letter will go among my  souveiners.  What a great state Wyoming is!  What great people!


    I believe I will live out the rest of my days right here.  

Mike Kilmer, Mills, Wyoming—234-4437

Sent by Mr. Oleta Thomas

Honor Flight is featured in the Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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