Kilroy Was Here Commemorative Stamp

Kilroy_DSCN1471 I got this email from Pat Tillery who is pushing to have Kilroy put on a stamp:  “Stephen, I received your excellent book yesterday.  Thank you.  After only a glance, it thoroughly exploded an old theory of mine about photography.  Back when I worked as a civilian in Bangkok, I had a Pentax 35mm camera and about 50lbs of zoom, wide angle, macro, etc lenses.  I always felt that when I went to the Grand Canyon, I would take a roll of film and have a dollar plus invested in each (plus the equipment) and cherish each no matter how bad.  Whereas a professional would go there and take a thousand pictures and throw away all but a few good ones.  Therefore . . . Not true. Now with incredible digital cameras, I went to the WWII Memorial and took a thousand pictures and threw away all but a few—-yawn.  All they did was prove I have been there.  Frankly, I went to the WWII Memorial a few years ago determined to be impressed and moved.  I wasn’t until I saw you photos!  Thanks for the uplifting experience!…”

Vote for Kilroy!…And visit his website!!!

Kilroy is featured in Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book and DC PHOTO BOOK.

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