“Why I’ll just charter a big jet!”

Jeff Miller, Honor Air, Honor FlightJeff Miller of Hendersonville, North Carolina heard about Earl Morse’s small plane junkets and since he couldn’t fly, decided to charter himself a jet!!

Will Rogers said, “Not all of us can be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and cheer as the heroes pass by.” Jeff’s not standing on any curbs….He’s an entrepreneur and a risk taker who decided to charter a jet before he had a dime raised. Honor Air has been so successful in the Hendersonville area that he’s flown all the vets that he can find from his area. Now that’s success.

He is currently working with Honor Flight as a consultant and guardian on large flights. He can be found on the outskirts of the buses making sure that all goes well and that the food is catered, the veterans aren’t lost and that everyone has a great time. Like Will Rogers, Jeff Miller is a funny guy. Like most of the people who volunteer, he’ll tell you there “wasn’t much to it…”

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