Infrared Photography III: DC PHOTO BOOK


I had the opportunity to make some new infrared images at Herrington Harbour Marina and thought I would share the results with you.  For “repeatable” results, it’s best to set the camera on automatic and bracket one-half stop in each direction.  More importantly, setting the “white balance” on the camera (see lifepixel website) is essential if you want control over the skies.  Too much or too little exposure makes the sky go yellow which is cool but I am looking for that oddly phosphorescent blue?  I have been adding a bit of “diffuse glow” to some of the images although I have found the limited color gives the images a 3D look without much help.


This beach scene with the small birch trees ending up looking pretty ominous on a sunny blue sky.   I suspect the Cherry Blossoms will be spectacular using this infrared as the conditions to date are probably the worst imaginable for this kind of work…which gives us something to look forward to!!!  You can see a few hundred infrared images (some straight from the camera) at my image gallery.  You might also want to look over my  2010 article on using glass filters on an unmodified camera.


To show you the “normal” view from an unmodified camera,  I processed two pictures made with a  Canon S100  at approximately the same time with the same sky.  I have no idea what the market for this type of imagery is but it’s gotten some pretty nice feedback.  It’s  a mix of graphics, photography and technology.  And I can also see it’s use in advertising as it might be an incredibly useful tool for creating backgrounds….not that I would ever alter a picture in Photoshop….!

800pixCHANNELIMG_5503 tidebedcoolIMG_5504tn800

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