Honor Flights


Chicago, Arizona, Columbia and Myrtle Beach, SC and North West Ohio Honor Flights were in town today as was Jim McLaughlin, President of Honor Flight and Susan Barr traveling with Arizona.   The predicted stormy weather held off all day and other than a bit of humidity, my trip to the Memorial was absolute karma– A cure for my blues where you will find George Kerestes, Al Doehner and a cadre of people interested in “giving.”  Pretty phenomenal experience in every way.

As usual, I took a few snaps which are available for free download on the photo storage site where there are now over 25000 images stored from the last five or six years of photography.  All of the Honor Flight folders are dated if you are looking for information and it is “keyword searchable” which I have found invaluable with my ever shrinking personal “database.”

As we arrived, some first graders from Glebe School were lined up to greet the North West Ohio Honor Flights and so the day began with one incredibly nice thing after another happening.  All the flights had wreaths, NW Ohio had a tent which was cool and shady and someone gave Jim McLaughlin a check for a $1000.00.  There was another busload of employees from a tech company who were volunteering and had “just heard about the flights and decided to show up”.  Mary Pettinato as usual did up the town with a great ceremony which John Bonk and I both photographed.  So enjoy the photographs and thanks to all of you volunteers and veterans for a great day!

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