Ground Support at the WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial

Diane Sinclair, a member of the Honor Flight DC Ground Crew, lives out by Dulles and manages to get in to support us every weekend at the WWII Memorial. She had two of these artificial wreaths made up which can be used by the various flights in their flag ceremonies normally held out by the state columns. The veteran saluting the flag is also from the Franklin Co. Honor Flight. His name is Billie Hogue – a Pearl Harbor Survivor, US Navy 1940 -1943.

World War II MemorialWWII Memorial
This week Diane was joined by two new members of the Ground Crew Linda and her daughter Grace. Linda works at the Veterans Administration and is soliciting the support of local VA employees.

World War II Memorial
Finally, no day would be complete without Ace who is an Arby’s store manager from Laurel, Maryland who has made up to 1500 sandwiches in a day. Ace works for nothing as a volunteer and his staff are paid by Arby’s Corporation. He’s been with Arbys for twelve years and decided to volunteer after he and Earl met last year at the Laurel location.

All of these images are duplicated and available at this week’s photo site. Honor Flight is featured in Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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