Fine Photo Print Special: March

These images are discounted significantly and will be available for a month. Each month, I’ll make another selection. They are printed on an extraordinarily beautiful 12″ x 18″ inch metallic paper and are archival in quality.

You can find the “buy” button at the top of the image page. Please “configure and preview” your print  before you check out. Producing the books forced me to catalog my last thirty-five years of “working” so I can finally begin to make this material available for personal use. There’s a wide range of material available and worth your while browsing.

The first photo, from DC Photo Book, is a an image of the newly renovated East side of the Capitol Building — a classic D.C. scene. Order your print here.

Photo Photo Print, Washington DC

This next image, from Jewel of the Mall, is of the World War II memorial at high noon. This unique and exclusive photograph was taken from a 60 foot high crane just days before the Memorial opened. It took 18 months to negotiate the placement of the crane so I don’t think it will be replicated anytime soon! Order your print here.

Fine Photo Print, WWII Memorial

The third print offered is from Tidewater — a tranquil dawn scene of a Heron at the Jug Bay Wildlife Preserve. It’s nice to make your living in a canoe! Order your print here.

Fine Photo Print, Chesapeake Bay

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