Brian Duffy on Honor Flight


Duffy, Honor Flight Bluegrass We flew a trip on May 16, 2009 with the “regular” array of our WWII heroes. I ushered them through the normal choreography of visiting the WWII Memorial, Iwo Jima Marine Memorial and the Korean War Memorial in one day.

When we offloaded at the Korean Memorial, one of the veterans asked “Brian, are we going to the Vietnam Memorial?” “œNo” I replied and further explained that the trip is aimed at those memorials more pertaining to the WWII veterans;  the Vietnam Wall was not on our agenda.  The crestfallen WWII veteran continued “I was hoping to finally have a chance to see the Vietnam Wall. You see, my son was killed in Vietnam. I’ve never seen his name.”

I pulled my gut out from the depths that it had fled to, gained some composure, and told him “œwait here.” I summoned one of our Guardians, Dan Gillespie, who served in the DC area for many years. I said “œDan, I have a tough mission for you,” as I explained to him what the WWII veteran has just shared with me.  Dan personally escorted the WWII veteran (and our bus) over to the Vietnam Wall. The Park Rangers, WWII veteran, Les Powers  and Iraq veteran, Dan Gillespie reached through time, and had a visit with Edward C. Powers, KIA Vietnam (pictures attached).

As the sun sets on another Memorial Day, never underestimate the scope of the impact that we are having in Honor Flight! God Bless all of you for your noble efforts -“ good night.

 With Honor,

 Brian Duffy….

Honor Flight Bluegrass

Honor Flight is featured in the Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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