National Cherry Blossom Books Signings


I will be signing the WWII MEMORIAL and DC PHOTO books this Monday April 1st  (1-4 PM) and  Thursday April 4th (1-4 PM) at the National Park Service Cherry Blossom Festival tent run by Eastern National.   Watching the anticipation and transition on the Mall from gloomy Winter into exuberant Spring is always fascinating.  I am also hoping to do a morning broadcast on WTTG/ Fox news show sometime during the week.

Today, the blossoms are just peaking out a bit and the latest forecast for peak bloom is April 3rd-6th.  In Vegas, they gamble on chips….here we gamble on blossoms!  It seems more civilized. This view the view above will be significantly different as the National Trust for the Mall is repairing the Washington Monument.  The scaffolding is going up at ten feet a day and I am looking forward to a spectacular covering!

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