War of Our Fathers

War of Our Fathers, World War II
In 1990, Richard Marin, an incredibly talented photographer and Stephen Ambrose, the famed historian and writer, traveled the Pacific documenting wrecks in the jungle, in the sea…. the tunnels in Corregidor, etc….  The resulting book “War of Our Fathers” was financed by Kodak’s Ray DeMoulin a generous patron of the photographic arts (which Kodak used to be) sponsored not only this project but others like “Odyssey:  The Art of Photography at the Geographic”, “Indelible Images:  One Hundred Years of War Photography and Richard Avedon’s retrospective.  The photographs are done in a mixture of infrared and it looks to me like Kodachome.  If you are looking to buy a special gift this season, I’ve seen the book as low as $38.00 early December 2009 and last Summer got four copies from $3.00 to $7.00 but that was “a bargain.”  If you are vaguely interested in World War II or photography, this book is something you should see.  I’d also like to mention Lance Akers of Minnesota and North Dakota fund raising fame for mentioning the book to me.  Lance is out there doing good….which seems to define a lot the Honor Flight/Air group.

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