World War II Memorial

Much like the National Park Service, the so-called Canadian Geese have immigrated to the United States and sit fat and happy enjoying the largesse of the American People.  The leadership of the Park Service are currently asking for 50 million they claim they need to “maintain” the National Mall. They might try selling books at the WWII Memorial. Currently, the only literature available is at least l/2 mile away. The Visitors Center to the South of the Memorial has twenty plus windows and plenty of room for literature. 

I have made a proposal to them which would enable me to lower the price of WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall book and further the National Park Service’s “interpretive role”. They would also pull in a couple of hundred thousand for themselves lessening their need at the public trough.  I guess they don’t need the money after all! 

Unfortunately, it looks like the folks in the “country club” (check out the imported luxury cars in the lot…) on Haines Point would have to get off their duffs and be a bit creative. If you feel the book should be sold at the Memorial, write Christopher Jarvi, Associate Director of the National Park Service.  

Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial is a 120 page full color photographic book on the WWII Memorial.

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