Today went amazing!!! by Amanda Nerwin – Honor Flight

Forwarded to Mary Pettinato, Honor Flight Chicago 

Hey Mary!!

Today went amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had the store 
decorated in red, white, and blue and it looked great!!  So many Veterans showed up and it was great to see them all sit together with their coffee and donut and share stories!  The Des Plaines city clerk also came by and sat and visited with the Vets with her coffee and donut.  My grandfathers guardian Mary Lou also showed up which made my grandpa’s day!! 

Cumberland Bakery, Event for Honor Flight Chicago

South middle school never called me back so I made the extra treasure chest I had into an additional donations box at the bakery for Honor Flight Chicago.  I was so overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity!!  I opened a card from one one customer who comes in about four times a week and it said: “Just wanted to write you a note expressing how nice it is of your family to honor the Veterans.  We would like to contribute to this cause worthy of nothing less.  God bless your family.  Veteran’s deserve this respect and honor.  We hope this will help you achieve your goal.” 

The letter brought tears to my eyes, and he had put a $100 bill in the card.  Our grand total of just additional donations is……………. $739.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is way more then I expected!!  (Actual Total was over $1200.00!!!)

The article that Tim was writing will be printed next week in the Journal and Topics newspaper, that is what he told me this morning!!  I am also so sorry to hear about Bill Malling, I remember him on the flight we sat together when we ate breakfast at the gate, I am praying for his family! I will see you Monday!

Amanda Nerwin


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