Honor Flight Chicago’s award winning documentary
Honor Flight

From Mary Pettinato

“We just received a call from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the Emmy’s) regarding our website’s reference to an “Emmy-nominated documentary.”  Although a fleeting moment, it was quite exciting to get a call from this highly recognized organization.  Unfortunately, the call was not made to congratulate, but rather to educate us on the verbiage we had used to describe our documentary.  It appears that we there are three steps to an Emmy.   
  • First, we enter our documentary into the Emmy contest.  (this is the step where we are currently:-)
  • Second, after all the entries are reviewed by a panel of judges, a chosen few are nominated for an Emmy.  This occurs October 1st.  
  • Third, one of the chosen few who was nominated for an Emmy wins the prestigious Emmy!  

Our documentary is truly something to be proud of, regardless of how we have described it in the past.  Although most of us have watched this documentary and perhaps know the words to it, others may not have had the time to see it in its entirety.  You can find the documentary on our homepage at www.honorflightchicago.org <http://www.honorflightchicago.org> ..  Please consider logging on before October 1 since we are hoping to have hundreds of thousands of other visitors logging on after October 1:-).

Thank you all for making Honor Flight Chicago one of the fastest growing not for profits around.  We could not do this without the Communications Committee!”  

Honor Flight is featured in the revised Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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