A Memorial Comes to Life
June 12, 2013---------------------October 21, 2014 We took down the show at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial yesterday and as we strolled out, I looked back and realized what an amazing opportunity it had been to show my work in such a gorgeous well-lit space in the middle of ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY.  It's hard to estimate visitors but it was a well-attended show and exposed the WWWII Memorial to additional publicity. Introductionflyer900pix_5282013 WOMEN IN MILITARY SERVICE TO AMERICA MUSEUM Both my DC PHOTO BOOK: An Insider's View and WWII MEMORIAL: Jewel of the Mall books are sold at the Women's Memorial and i assume Honor Flights and their women veterans will be stopping by.  Marge runs the registration desk and she is a wealth of information on the Memorial. From an architectural and design view, the Women's Memorial is very cleverly designed to quietly fit into the Arlington Cemetery environment. triowimsa_IMG_2662_1200pix trio_fountainwimsa_IMG_2653_1200pix  

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