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A FIRST LOOK..... WHERE DC Guestbook

WHERE MAGAZINE produces the annual “Where Guestbook” which is distributed throughout DC hotels, businesses and destinations. I am delighted to have the opening ten pages in the book and the final page. Editor Jean Lawlor Cohen and Art Director Teri Samuels are responsible for the selection and design of the article. Jean and I have discussed this for several years and so I am extremely happy that it came to fruition in such a beautiful piece.

Chesapeake Bay: Tidewater
Chesapeake Bay:  Tidewater

The Osprey are back and are feeling comfortable. The Washington Post ran an article on their migratory habits. These birds are well-traveled and eerily precise in their sense of time. And they have become so comfortable in their environment that they are sitting on an a fire alarm in New Jersey


The C&O Canal at 30th Street. The Canal was a project dreamed up by George Washington and he saw it as the Nation’s Gateway to the West. It stretches up to Cumberland, Maryland and I have done the trip by bicycle (The Washington Post) and by car (National Geographic Traveler). Ironically, by time the Canal was finished, the majority of the cargo carried was coal for the train which ran parallel to it and eventually put it out of business.

Chesapeake Fall Sailing
Chesapeake Fall Sailing

L’Escargot is berthed at Herrington Harbour Marina which is about fifty minutes from my DC office. It’s a pleasure to spend some of these Fall days using the boat both as an office as well as for making images like the one above. I am sitll stunned that the Marina has wi-fi so I can spend time near the water in this beautiful Fall weat

Memorial Day 2012
Memorial Day 2012

While visiting the WWII Memorial,  a veteran from North West Ohio Honor Flight contemplates FDR’s words on Pearl Harbor.  It is interesting that the religious right insists that Washingtonians omitted any reference to the creator as if we have nothing to do but remove text when in fact, the quote was at the end of […]