September 11, 2010 Honor Flights

Bagpipe, WWII Memorial, Honor Flight Honor Flight has become such a staple in DC that I don’t bother with schedules but just head down to the World War II Memorial almost any day of the week.  My first “photo” today was Margaret Morse, mother of founder Earl. She and Earl Senior were substituting for Earl Junior who is off in Alaska with Clarisse on a well-deserved vacation. In the next sixty seconds, I ran into Jim McLaughlin, Lona, George Kerestes, Matt Mabe and “like that” as says in the “The Usual Suspects.”

I had intended to catch North Dakota but they had gotten there very early and already were on their way about town.  However, there was still plenty to photograph with Rochester, Buffalo, Alabama, Ohio, the RV crew and I believe I saw a Kentucky shirt.

The weather was absolutely perfect and it was without doubt the best that DC has to offer…cool breezes, mild temperatures and the company of thousands of veterans, tourists and friends.  The Photos from the day are at the Zenfolio site.

Honor Flight is featured in the revised Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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