DC PHOTO BOOK: Honoring Don Heilemnan

News Release “White House News Photographers Association”

“A Celebration of the Life of Don Heilemann at the D.C. War Memorial with lunch to follow. For more information and RSVP contact Tammy Hielemann. Don Heilemann, a former WHNPA member, was the “go to” guy at the National Park Service. Don helped WHNPA members for many years and was a good friend-a life well worth celebrating”.  He made this historic photograph fro the top of the Lincoln possible and either made or helped make trademark National Mall photographs possible.

I am honored to be going to his Memorial Service today at the WWI (DC) War Memorial and expect a crowd!  The Mall is history and Don recognized the importance of placing great photographers in great positions for photographs that become definitive.  His daughter Tammy is a member of the White House News Photographers and the photographer assigned to the Secretary of the Interior.  Like her dad, she is enormously helpful if you have a special photographic request.




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