Welding the Eagles Together…

WWII MemorialActually one of the great parts of the WWII Memorial Project was watching this massive architectural ornament being put together. Apex Piping was responsible for most of the unique views and access that I achieved while photographing. They arrived with the Eagles and a brand new crane with an American Eagle painted on it. Their hard hats were festooned with eagles. They worked tirelessly to make sure the eagles were put up in time. This project was ten years in the planning and 2 plus years in the making so everyone kept to the strictest schedules. It wasn’t uncommon to see the Apex team welding late into the night.

WWII MemorialHere, they are welding the 2×6 inch cold rolled steel that wraps around the laurel wreath (and supports it) to a framework that goes up through the column and eagle to the beak. The armatures are also 2×6 stainless steel. As you approach the Memorial and walk under the eagles, take a few moments to look up.

Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial is a 120 page full color photographic book on the WWII Memorial.

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