Honor Flight Summit: Feb 2012


Honor Flight Summit 2012

120 Honor Flight leaders from probably thirty states gathered at the BWI Hilton this weekend to discuss the flight procedures, health issues, safety, public awareness and fund raising and prepare begin another season of bringing WWII Veterans to DC.  It was great meeting people who are interested in service. It does make you feel better about everything and in this jaundiced DC photogrpher’s mind, Honor Flight will become synonymous with the best of America in the coming decades.  I gave a short talk on photo libraries, the best places on the Memorial to take photos and how to do a pan if your lens isn’t wide enough to get the whole group in the picture.

I signed eight cases of books and hung out in the lobby chatting with people I normally see for a few minutes at the Memorial.  They are distinguished by their good humor, kindness and dedication.  Great weekend!

Honor Flight is featured in Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book.

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