WWII Memorial Book, Going…Going…Gone

WWII Memorial Book
“WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall” is out of stock for quantity purchases until January/February 2009. I have kept a few hundred to fulfill signed orders for the holidays. The new edition will have a few new pictures, sewn seams for a better binding and better quality paper stock. 

Prints from the book are always available and the site will remain online so that you can still preview the WWII Memorial in its finest light. I will continue documenting the Memorial and the Honor Flight operation and am looking forward to having a couple of photo volunteers join me this Saturday.

I got a nice note from Rebecca Seward from Colorado which I would like to share with all of you who have volunteered for Honor Flight. It sums up the reasons we all have for working with Honor Flight.  She said:

“As I am sure you have known for a long time doing anything with these. WWII veterans is an honor and priviledge.  My Dad served in the. Phillippines. He would have loved the. Memorial but it was not finished before he passed.  It is so special to be able to be a part of experiencing it with other veterans.  Many of the veterans on our honor flights of. Sept 23-24 have called and written to tell us how much they love your book and sharing it with their families and friends.  Thank you.  See you again in. April. -Becky Seward.” 

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