Friends of the National WWII Memorial sponsor show


Friends of the National World War II Memorial have joined the Women in Military Service For America Memorial in sponsoring the printing of the eighty-five images from my WWII Memorial project.  The show is coming together and about ninety percent of the prints are in place.  We are printing up the last ten percent and designing the informational panels below) that will introduce the sections of the exhibit.

Brigadier General Evelyn “Pat”  Foote  is shown here with Toby Felker who served in WWII ferrying bombers around the country.  Toby was a diminutive five feet and often had trouble reaching the pedals of the large bombers.  Whe had countless humorous tales of delivering bombers around the country.   Her service inspired Pat Foote who in addition to a distinguished career in the Army and was on the site selection committee for the WWII Memorial.  Below is the introductory panel for the show and I am happy we had a chance to use this very favorite image of mine in the introduction.



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