Columbus is Double Doled

_DSC9758 Bobbi and Bill Richards arrived at the World War II Memorial at about 11 AM with their Columbus veterans and TWICE IN A ROW, we got the group picture right away. I guess they’ve done nine trips this year and seven to go so will be picking up the big award this year for most visits to the World War II Memorial. I think they may be in contention with Jim McLaughlin. After we got the group photo taken care of, the veterans headed off to see the Memorial. 

After an hour or so, Senator and Mrs. Elizabeth Dole showed up with “Leader the dog” in tow.  She was ahead of Senator Dole who hasn’t been to the Memorial since his surgery a couple of weeks ago.  _DSC9784 She warmed up the crowd for him and when he arrived fifteen minutes later, there was great applause and they posed together with the Veterans so we did the group twice.  Hey…if it was good the first time!!

For a change, the Senator (Robert) took the Doctor’s Orders and only stayed for ten minutes.  Mrs. Dole stayed another half hour and kept the veterans delighted.  She is very gracious and while I have known her a long time, she always make me feel like she remembers!!!  It’s a rare gift and she’s a great lady.  Senator Dole was looking pretty spiffy but I am personally quite happy that he is agreeing to listen to the Doctor.  There were a lot of emails this week about getting him to only stay a few minutes but he is not easily swayed…to say the least.  For a Republican, he’s awfully Independent!  The Photos are available on the Jewel of the Mall site and can be downloaded for free and for personal use only.  I have to thank Matt Mabe of the FBI who works with us when Senator Dole is available. He’s great to have in the crowd to make sure things go smoothly.  


Honor Flight is featured in Jewel of the Mall: World War II Memorial book. 

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