WHERE MAGAZINE produces the annual "WHERE GUESTBOOK" which is distributed throughout DC hotels, businesses and destinations. I am delighted to have the opening ten pages in the book and the final "PARTING SHOT" page.   Editor Jean Lawlor Cohen and Art Director Teri Samuels are responsible for the selection and design of the article.   Jean and I have discussed this for several years and so I am extremely happy that it came to fruition in such a beautiful piece. "ABOUT WHERE GUESTBOOK An annual, museum-quality coffee-table book that delights readers with a savvy, insider’s view, available in-room at upscale hotels. Through gorgeous photography, insightful essays, neighborhood profiles and celebrity interviews, Where GuestBook™ is the publication readers are compelled to pick up and want to linger over—timely yet timeless, elegant, poetic, and reflective of the soul and spirit of the city. Its modern, eye-catching designs and innovative layouts create a luxurious environment designed to attract high-end advertisers and impress world-class hotels and the travelers who stay in them.-"Morris Publications"" a_WHEREMAGAZINE+a-1 B_WHEREMAGAZINE c_WHEREMAGAZINECchanged d_WHEREMAGAZINEc   e_wheremagazine partinshot_1000pix  

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